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  • You are in a big fight and get eliminated early, but since you are traveling with friends who are still in the match, you have to wait for them. What you will do? Visit the bar and join the "loser" table. I saw people win more "awards" at the goal after which I won the main game. I have been with the main game for over 4 hours and came out with a deck of cards and a WTP poker chip. bet Fun88 However, the crowd at the table lost their game for a few hours and received much better "prizes".

    Do you know what the side board (also known as the Losers' table) is used for? The owners want you to buy beer and food from their premises. Our local matches have two matches a night twice a week. Those who are eliminated early usually start a side game with an "under table reward", but half the time there is no time to finish the game before the next real game begins. So why not do what I do? Play the game "Go Fish", "Crazy 8's", "Spades" or "Hearts". Take a break from Texas Hold'em and play again like a kid. Well, if you've been playing poker for up to 7 hours, take a break if you get knocked out early and play something that doesn't stress you out for a few minutes, drink a beer, forget about work and have fun and enjoy the work. ty. Good luck everyone.

    You have to keep in mind your position and how many chips you have, but if someone knows the answer please let me know. There is an argument to play slowly, bet Fun88 to play hard, or just call the blind and take it from there. My theory is to slow down. Small increase pre-flop to get some chips. See who wants to play. Hopefully there isn't a straight draw or a draw on the flop. Having a straight draw or a tie on the flop could mean trouble. I said "all in" at that moment. If not, I say play slowly. Reel them chips in. You just need to pay attention to the straight, flush, two pairs and three types of the same type.

    Well, my theory backfired last night. Within minutes of starting the match, I got the aces. bet Fun88 I slowly rose and two people called. The flop appears two numbers two and five. I checked but then got the switchboard call. So now I'm thinking that this guy, whom I've played with a million times and is known for his ability to cheat, has an A-2, or 3-4 (go straight), or simply just cheats. I worked all day and played for 5 hours and was very tired so I just thought "great", I need to go home and get some sleep. I'm pretty sure he got a 2 or a 5 but I call him everything. Sure enough, he turned it upside down 7-2 and won with three goals. What the hell is raising money by 7-2? It was my first time losing to a trump card 7-2.


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